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The Top Ten Signs That Someone Is A Call Center Agent

Posted by admin on August 9, 2010

One of the most significant cultural tsunamis of recent memory is the proliferation of the call centers all over the country.  A decade ago, nobody even knew what a call center was.  Now, a major chunk of the newly-graduated youth find employment within the walls of the new mecca for fresh grads, the call center.  Everyone knows someone who works for a call center.  The whole phenomenon has its highs and lows, don’t even get me started.

June 25, 2009 → The Top Ten Signs That Someone Is A Call Center Agent

  1. Dru – Yung mga mukhang native, pero tunog imported.
  2. Mrs. Le Min Ho – Lahat ng kamag-anak mo sinasabihan ka na walang future sa call center, pero ikaw ang laging unang tinatakbuhan kapag kailangan nilang umutang ng pera.
  3. Codename Mango – At the ER, they’re the ones na tatanungin mo ng Tagalog, pero sasagutin ka ng English with a nasal twang. Pero di naman nila ma-explain ang nararamdaman nila. Kailangan pang sabihan ng: “Tagalog nalang, para maintindihan kita.”
  4. No name – When they end their sentences with: “…or somethin’ like that.”
  5. JokJok/Kikai – If you ask them what time it is, they answer: “Which time zone?”
  6. CallCenterGirl/Unstrung – Kapag may nakitang kang nag-iinuman ng umaga at lasing na pagdating ng tanghali.
  7. Paulymedic MD/Jollibee – Kapag sa madaling araw nasa hospital at humihingi ng medical certificate.
  8. Famous Marcus/Grace/Mr. Perk/OscarDelaHopia – If they look forward to Memorial Day, Columbus Day or 4th of July, pero wala silang pakialam kung Holy Week.
  9. Chefchefan/Adam – If they’re Nursing graduates, who are also gay/bisexual, they’re most likely working in a call center.
  10. Gracia – They’re the people in the smoking area in the RCBC building they call the “lung center”.
  11. SatCentral – If they know what avaya is.
  12. Patricia and Clarence – 3 things: coffee, yosi, jacket.
  13. Exmortis – Pag ang Monday nila, Tuesday.
  14. Mars Shmallow/Mr. Perk – They’re the young people lined up at a convenience store early morning, buying alcohol.
  15. RC & Cess/Teapot/No name – Kahit saan suot nila ang lanyard at I.D. nila.
  16. Blitzkrieg/Cobe – Ang dumadaloy sa ugat nila, hindi dugo. Kundi kape, energy drink.
  17. Reichen – They don’t say: “Nakaka-irita ka ha!” They say: “Nakaka-irate ka ha!”
  18. Doraemon/Mr. Perk/No name – Sa katirikan ng araw, sila lang ang balot na balot ng trenchcoat.
  19. Abernathy – If they say “HEYCH” for letter “H” and “ZED” for letter “Z”.
  20. RC & Cess – My sister is dating a call center agent. Ang date nila laging breakfast.
  21. Suplada MD – Whatever meal they’re eating, at what ever time, is always called, “lunch”.
  22. Smiles-a-lot – They’re habitual job hoppers. This month they’re in Sykes, next month they’re in Convergys, etc.
  23. Quia – Kapag ang baby ng couple ginawa sa break room or sleeping room.
  24. Cheyenne – If they call the toilet their, “Ebsite”.
  25. Glenskie – Sila yung masandal lang sandali, tulog agad.
  26. MonB – How do you know a guy works for a call center? Naka-jacket. How do you know if a gay guy works for a call center? Naka-shawl.
  27. DarkSeptember – Sila ang paboritong biktima ng mga snatcher at holdaper.
  28. Juggernaut – If your pee smells like coffee.
  29. Mr. Perk – Sanay ka sa prank callers.
  30. Jennifer Alba – They LOVE breakfast buffets.
  31. Arvie – You say stuff like “TL, coaching naman!” and “Auto in na bawal ang after call!”
  32. Polgas – Pag ang nagiisang teleserye na nasusubaybayan mo, “Daisy Siete”.
  33. CallCenterNurse – If they pronounce “internet” as “inner net”, “call center” as “call senner”, “international” as “inner national”, “auto” as “audo” and “button” as “bu-on”.

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