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Archive for the ‘General’ Category

Achieving Sales on the Telephone – Effective Outbound Calls

Posted by admin on July 13, 2010

The key to making effective outbound calls is structure. The most effective telephone sales person will have a set process for contacting customers and will stick to it, no matter what the temptation to alter their methods. Most outbound call agents will use a ‘working list’ to contact customers, it is important that you approach this list methodically and the following approach will help you to remain effective.

Define your ideal customer – The best way to predict who your future customers will be is to understand who your past customers have been. For instance, if by looking at your past client base you realize that the majority of your orders have come from the 18 – 30 year old bracket, then this would likely be the best people to focus your attention on. Of course age isn’t the only consideration to make. You may also want to look at geography, past buying patterns, interests etc.

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Proactive Customer Service

Posted by admin on July 13, 2010

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The Most Important Interview Non-Verbals

Posted by admin on July 13, 2010

Many interviews fail because of lack of proper communication. But communication is more than just what you say. Often it’s the nonverbal communication that we are least aware of, yet speaks the loudest. Following are the top five nonverbals, ranked in order of importance, when it comes to interviewing:

Eye Contact – Unequaled in importance! If you have a habit of looking away while listening, it shows lack of interest and a short attention span. If you fail to maintain eye contact while speaking, at a minimum it shows lack of confidence in what you are saying and at a maximum may send the subtle indication that you may be lying. Don’t just assume you have good eye contact. Ask. Watch. Then practice. Ask others if you ever lack proper eye contact. If they respond that they did notice, ask if it was during speaking or listening. Take note. Next, watch yourself on videotape. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your mock interview videotape. In fact, if you were videotaped informally (that is, you were not aware you were being taped), this will typically provide even stronger evidence. Then sit down with a friend and practice until you are comfortable maintaining sincere, continuous eye contact.

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Posted by admin on July 13, 2010

Use empathy words to let angry customers know you understand their frustration.

When you must deal with customers who become frustrated or angry for any reason, an ideal way to respond includes using empathy words. Expressing words of empathy shows your sensitivity. It lets the customer know you understand how he feels. Understanding the customer does not necessarily mean you agree with the customer. Customers want to feel you care about what say.

Acknowledge the Anger

Customers want to be heard. The ideal way to let your customer know you hear and understand their anger is to acknowledge it. For example, say, “You’re right, it can be frustrating to read and fill out all of this paperwork,” or “I understand how frustrating writing this down must be.” You’re letting the customer know you understand without necessarily agreeing.

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Best Practice Coaching

Posted by admin on July 13, 2010

Study after study shows that the supervisor-agent relationship has one of the largest impacts on retention. Additionally most supervisors were high-performing agents who were promoted to supervisor, without much training in how to manage and coach performance. Many supervisors attest to being overwhelmed with the administrative burden of the job, which leaves little time for coaching. In a survey on coaching conducted by Knowlagent, 71 percent felt they did not have sufficient time to coach every day, with 80 percent spending less than two hours a day on all coaching activity. In instances where there is performance coaching, it is typically not consistent from team to team.

These facts add up to a setting where agents feel that they lack a supervisor who can truly foster their performance.  A common result is that agents leave just when the center has invested the most in them, and that investment is paying the highest returns.

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How to control weight with hunger-fighting foods

Posted by admin on July 13, 2010

ONE OF THE MOST COMMON diet mistakes is having lower calorie intake and nutrient imbalance in relation to one’s physical activity, body weight and metabolism. One of the keys to successful weight loss is to satisfy one’s hunger while applying portion control in food intake plus physical activity.

Life-long weight management requires moderation and consistency. The following are proven hunger-fighting strategies.

Eat small frequent meals. Eat four to six smaller meals a day. Your day should consist of three main meals and one to two snacks. You can feel hunger every three to four hours, but this depends on your physical activities. If you exercise a lot or move a lot the whole day, then you will feel hunger easily.

Have something to eat before a morning workout like banana and/or low-fat milk.

Perform morning tasks at work or at home well.

If you feel hunger three hours after breakfast, have a piece of fruit, small sandwich or crackers. The amount of morning snack depends on your hunger, but calories should not contain more than half of your main meals.

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